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Welcome to the ACE Insurance Program

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You are about to enjoy the association's best savings on important insurance premiums that protect you personally and professionally. And it’s all because you are a member of the American Council on Exercise (ACE).

You have worked long and hard to establish yourself professionally. But it only takes one incidence to put your hard work in jeopardy. Take advantage of this special opportunity jointly provided you by ACE and InsurePersonalTrainers.com and get the coverage you need at the most attractive rates available.

The following special rates apply only if you have proof of ACE certification.


1 Year Policy
$1,000,000 / $3,000,000 — $172/Year
$2,000,000 / $4,000,000 — $232/Year
$2,000,000 / $5,000,000 — $237/Year

2 Year Policy — Discounted
$1,000,000 / $3,000,000 — $316/2 Years
$2,000,000 / $4,000,000 — $427/2 Years
$2,000,000 / $5,000,000 — $437/2 Years


  • Abuse & Molestation sub-limit of $100,000/$300,000
  • Professional Liability included in the General Liability Limit
  • Terrorism Coverage included at no Additional Premium
  • Policy Coverage includes Online Training


  • Bodily Injury & Property Damage arising from use of steroids
  • No coverage for Auto Exposures (Hired / Non-Owned Auto Liability)
  • Coverage is available to members of the association ONLY
  • Coverage available to members in the United States ONLY
  • Premiums are fixed annual (no installments)
  • No coverage available for members in the state of Louisiana
  • Rates listed do NOT include taxes, surcharges that may be applicable in FL, KY, WV, and NJ